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Executive Economic Impact Calculator

At Blue Herring, we are in the business of protecting business’s most valuable asset… its people.

You can insure against the death or disability of your key people, but from a probability standpoint, you are more likely to lose a key person to a competitor or from them starting their own business. However, there are strategies that can significantly reduce this risk.

Our Executive Compensation Calculator will help you determine the true economic impact of a key person at your company so you can see what it would mean in dollars and cents to the business if they voluntarily left and had to be replaced.

Executive Compensation strategies typically utilize a portion of that economic impact to not only incentivize the key person to meet performance metrics that align with the owners/shareholders long term goals, but to act as sort of “insurance” that they will stay for the desired length of time by creating “golden handcuffs”.

Our free consultations can help start the conversation of which executive compensation strategies will work best to keep your best employees.

Executive Compensation Calculator

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