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Our story

Blue Herring’s two founders started where most others start in this industry: in an agency model that pushed consumers into buying insurance policies that netted the highest commissions, whether they needed them or not. We trained employees to sell, earned handsome bonuses for pushing certain products, and were flown around the world as a thank you for selling insurance. The only problem was, we weren’t sleeping well at night. Doing right by consumers had become secondary to making sales. Something had to change. So we created Blue Herring to bring radical transparency and honesty to life and disability insurance sales, setting a new standard for the industry and putting our consumers’ best interests first. Always. And we’re sleeping like babies.

Solid background

Our philosophy

Blue Herring exists today because of everything we saw during our years in the industry. To say that there’s room for improvement in this centuries-old industry is an understatement. Consumers and industry insiders alike are shocked when we educate people on the inner workings of purchasing life and disability insurance. Our mission is to revolutionize the industry by increasing the ethical standard for life insurance sales while maintaining a level of transparency that’s never existed up to now. Quite simply, we tell the truth about what’s in our consumers’ best interests, even if it means our commissions are lower than the other guy’s. Why on earth would we do this? Because we believe that, once people understand what makes us different, they’ll never choose another insurance broker again. That’s just good business.

An extensive network of partners

Small, large, mutual, and public: We find the best policy from the best carrier, with no special interests.


Zachary Taylor


Eternally grateful to have crossed paths with Alex, Blue Herring has given Zach a conduit for his passion to create a positive impact. Zach wakes up every day eager to grow Blue Herring and change the way people experience a centuries-old industry.

Zach is a Mainer through and through and resides there with his wife and two daughters. Maine’s motto, “Dirigo,” which means “I guide” or “I lead” in Latin, has always resonated with him. He tries his best to live into it, especially as a father of two young girls in today’s world.

An avid surfer, skier, and outdoor enthusiast, Zach hopes that as his girls grow older they will be passionate about “the search” so he has to stay young and healthy to keep up with them out in the mountains or in break.

Alex Grammatic


Alex is married, with two children that keep him busy all the time, from ballet classes to forest school. He and his wife love to explore new places and experience local culture. Alex is an avid fisherman, and he can often be found at his favorite spots offshore in the Atlantic. While his friends call him the luckiest fisherman they know, Alex would say his fishing success comes from hard-earned skill.

Luke O’Connor

Head of Operations

Luke O’Connor moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 2018 with his wife and two cats, to pursue their outdoor passions more easily. When not working, he stays active and enjoys rock climbing and skiing with his wife and friends, depending on the season. Luke is a firm believer that a life lived outdoors is a life well-lived.

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Whether you are a sole proprietor or one of many partners in a large corporation, our business, life, and disability insurance solutions will protect you, your company, your partners, and your heirs.

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Individually owned life and disability insurance to protect your future earning power.

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Don’t settle for just any insurance policy for estate and trust planning. Blue Herring is the attorney-preferred life insurance broker for trust-owned insurance.

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