High Net Worth Family Insurance

Bringing true transparency and objectivity to insurance sales for advisors serving ultra-affluent families.

Data-driven insurance solutions for ultra-affluent families

As a family office advisor, you know your clients need to protect and grow multi-generational wealth through right-fit life insurance products. But the traditional way of doing business with insurance brokers leads to subjective recommendations that may not be in your clients’ best interests.

That’s why Blue Herring offers the only truly objective, data-based insurance shopping process that gives you and your clients total transparency, so you can recommend the policies that meet their unique criteria for premium outlay, guaranteed cash value, growth potential, and more.

Blue Herring’s family office insurance advantage


We apply our years of experience in insurance sales to uncover new ways of doing business that are uniquely suited to affluent families.


Our unique results ranking system lets you compare all of your clients’ options so you can recommend a policy with total confidence.


We apply data science to insurance shopping, for 100% objective results that fit your clients’ unique needs and priorities.


We work to remove friction in the client and advisor experience through automated, tech-enabled processes.

Why Blue Herring?

We expect more from the life insurance industry. So should you. Our radically transparent, data-driven model gives family office advisors the insight and leverage they need to recommend the right policies to support their affluent clients’ long-term financial health.

  • We enable you to comparison-shop policies and carriers based on your clients’ criteria and priorities.
  • We show you everything you need to make a confident recommendation, backed by 100% objective data.
  • We make it easy for you and your clients to understand their options, and we remove unnecessary complexity from the insurance shopping experience.

Our process

Blue Herring is revolutionizing insurance sales for ultra-affluent families with a process that combines objective data with unbiased independent underwriting.

Step 1


You submit a simple online ranking form to determine the relative importance of 10 critical policy metrics.

Step 2

Independent Underwriting

Your client completes our independent, universally-accepted medical exam, lab work, and other paperwork.

Step 3

Insurance Shopping

Blue Herring gets policy offers from all major insurance companies, based on your client’s data.

Step 4

Objective Best-Fit Results

We provide easy-to-understand results that let you compare policies based on your client’s unique needs and priorities.

Step 5

Choose a Carrier

You are empowered to confidently recommend the best policy to your client, backed by objective data.

What makes us different

It’s time to bring big data to family office insurance.

The traditional way of shopping for life insurance policies for ultra-affluent families is outdated, unnecessarily complex, and based on subjective factors that lead to recommendations that may not be in your clients’ best interest. The truth is, life insurance in the affluent market space involves a multitude of levers that can be manipulated to customize policy design. If your insurance broker relies on a subjective, relationship-based model, you’re missing out on the chance to choose a right-fit policy based on your clients’ highest priority objectives.

Here’s why:

  • Customization: Every family’s needs are different — but traditional brokers don’t empower you to truly custom-design policies for your clients.
  • Modernization: Today’s affluent clients deserve an approach backed by up-to-date technology — and the time for change is long overdue.
  • Objectivity: Relationships are important — but they shouldn’t drive your broker’s choice of insurance carrier.

Blue Herring’s revolutionary new process applies today’s technology and data science to give family office advisors total transparency into insurance shopping.


Let us prove it to you.

Contact us to request a sample client output that will show you how Blue Herring’s ground-breaking process is delivering amazing results for affluent families.