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Business Insurance

Whether you are a sole proprietor or one of many partners in a large corporation, our business, life, and disability insurance solutions will protect you, your company, your partners, and your heirs.

Key Person

Ensure that your business has the financial flexibility to keep moving forward in case of the death or disability of a key member.

Buy Sell Insurance

Protect two or more partners in case a death or disability event forces one shareholder out by providing the liquidity necessary to buy out the heirs of the exiting partner.

Executive Insurance

Provide additional compensation plans for high-earning owners, executives, and key people.

Required Insurance

Whether by loan or investment, the acquisition of capital generally requires the purchase of life and/or disability insurance on the active shareholders and key people of a firm.


Personal Insurance

Individually owned life and disability insurance to protect your future earning power.

Life Insurance

Make sure your loved ones are protected in case of an untimely death.

Individual Disability Insurance

Protect your income if you should become disabled and unable to perform your job functions.

International Life Insurance

Get life insurance protection while traveling abroad.

Insurance for Trusts

Don’t settle for just any insurance policy for estate and trust planning. Blue Herring is the attorney-preferred life insurance broker for trust-owned insurance.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

A powerful tool in wealth transfer, these insurance policies are designed for high-net-worth individuals.

Trust Survivorship Life Insurance

A two-person insurance policy that reduces the cost of insurance for wealth transfer.

Premium Financing Insurance

A strategy used to acquire life insurance through leveraged assets.

Inforce Illustration

Get an unbiased review of your current life insurance policy from a fiduciary.

family office Insurance

Data-driven insurance solutions for ultra-affluent families

Get right-fit policies for your affluent clients through our truly objective, technology-enabled process.

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Our extensive network of small, large, mutual, and public carriers positions us to find the best policy at the best price.

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