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Helm Financial is Now Blue Herring

Alex Grammatic
Alex Grammatic / 2 Min Read

Big news! Helm Financial is rebranding! Coming soon, we’re changing our name to Blue Herring.

Don’t worry. We’re still 100% committed to our radically transparent approach to life and disability insurance that’s been saving our clients money by delivering prices they can trust — and we’re thrilled to be unveiling a new website and a whole new look and feel for our business.

Why Blue Herring?

A new approach to insurance deserves a name that stands out from the crowd. As Helm Financial, we were always ready to steer our clients right, but our name and brand image didn’t communicate what makes us different from every other insurance brokerage out there. 

There’s a lot of fish in the sea — and Blue Herring is prepared to swim against the current, providing a refreshingly clear independent underwriting model that’s disrupting the insurance industry.

What’s staying the same?

Our clients can continue to expect the same high standard of service and prices they can trust. Our leadership is the same, and co-founders Zachary Taylor and Alex Grammatic are as hands-on as ever, working tirelessly to innovate a new approach to buying insurance that’s been saving clients an average of 38% or more. And we are still specialists in life and disability insurance for individuals, businesses, and trusts.

What’s changing?

The Helm Financial website will soon be, with a new look and feel, an improved user experience, and more resources than ever to help our clients learn the truth about the insurance industry and gain control over the price they pay for their policies.

Learn more

Curious about how Blue Herring is making waves in the insurance industry? Contact us at or give us a call at 603.760.7165. We’re open M-F 9:00-5:00 EST, and we’re always ready to talk about the Blue Herring revolution.

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Let us show you how our approach will revolutionize the way you shop for insurance.